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“International Supernational"

by Easystreet


Neo-disco doesn’t get any better than the first album from this young duo – who may or may not be from Berlin. Over a sweeping, sizzling, sliding, stuttering, high-gloss skein of interlocking electronic melodies and Teutonic pulse, vocalist extraordinaire Michael Blitzen, abetted by synth maestro, and co-composer, Velvet Chang, delivers glittering dancefloor anthems – from “More than a Machine (to Me)” to “Borders of the Heart” – that may or may not be ironic, but will definitely induce fist pumping, tearful embracing and uncontrollable spasms of the patootie. The inspiration for, and first release from, Tip Records already sounds like a classic.

Also available for download through iTunes and Amazon.

10 songs